Christian E. Mgbonyebi
Last updated:2015-08-06
Nationality: American Graduate from: Dartmouth College Position: Academic Advisor

Education Background:

B.A. at Dartmouth College

Major: Psychology

Graduated in June 2013

At the end of my senior year of college, I was very unsure of the career path I would pursue. Many of my friends had just received job offers from major consulting firms while I was still uncertain of where I would live after graduation. The only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to go abroad. I had never left the United States and I really wanted to experience a new country and culture. I first had the thought of teaching English in Spain but decided that that wouldn’t be adventurous enough or really force me out of my comfort zone. I then went online to my college’s job board and discovered several teaching opportunities in China. I learned that many alumni from my college were working in China as educational consultants or teachers. I then made up my mind and decided to come to China.

After nine months in Shanghai working as an educational consultant, I decided to move to Chengdu to work with GreatChina International Education. For full disclosure, I actually had the opportunity to work with another company in Beijing. I had to make a choice between two cities to which I had never been. However, after asking both my Western and Chinese friends, there was a general consensus that Chengdu was a much better place to live. Many of my friends described Chengdu and the Sichuan Province as ‘heaven’ because of all the awe-inspiring scenery and mountains in the area. The education industry is also growing rapidly inSichuansince many students want to study abroad. This means that there are many opportunities for recent graduates, like myself, who are looking to start a new career.

I didn’t know anyone in Chengdu nor had any contacts in the area but the GreatChina staff quickly helped me make the transition. They helped me find a nice, affordable apartment and helped me finalize my visa. A coworker even helped me find an amazing gym that is near the office. Basically, they are always there when your knowledge of Mandarin fails.

When I’m not speaking broken Mandarin to the natives, I’m helping students prepare to study abroad in the U.S. As the Academic Advisor for the Elite Program, I help mold students into competitive applicants for the top American universities. I help students plan and organize their goals as well as equipping them with the writing and interpersonal skills that they will need at a top university.The students are very hardworking and eager to study abroad; they will ask you all sorts of questions about college life and American culture.My job also requires a lot of public speaking since there are several marketing presentations and workshops throughout the year. There is always something to do and you will never get bored!This is a great opportunity if you are looking to start a career in college admissions or academic counseling. Your expertise will be highly valued since many companies are looking for graduates from top universities to fill advising positions.

Overall, I really enjoy working at GreatChina and willfeel a sense of accomplishment when my students are finally accepted to the schools of their choice. It is a fulfilling experience to witness the students mature and transform as they work toward their academic dreams. Irecommend this job to anyone who is willing to work hard and be a dedicated mentor.

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