Sister City Scholarship

    In order to further push forward the educational exchange and cooperation between the City of Chengdu and its international sister cities (Including the international friendly and cooperative cities, here in after referred to as Sister Cities), encourage more international students to study in higher education institutions located in Chengdu City, and enhance the understanding and friendship between Sister Cities and the City of Chengdu, Chengdu Municipal People’s Government establishes “Government Scholarship for International Students from International Sister Cities of the City of Chengdu” (here in after referred to as Scholarship).

     The higher education institutions in this region mentioned above refer to the regular institutions of higher learning in this region that are directly under the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, Sichuan provincial colleges and universities and Chengdu municipal higher education institutions.

Scholarship Amount
Doctoral students                  RMB 30,000 / Year (the period ≦3 years)
Postgraduates                        RMB 25,000 /Year
(the period ≦3 years)
Undergraduates                     RMB 20,000 /Year
(the period ≦4 years)
College diploma students      RMB15,000 /Year
(the period ≦3 years)
Exchange students of non-degree education     RMB 1,000/Month  (with the maximum of no more than RMB10,000 for a year approved by the evaluation team)

Eligible Candidates
1. Scholarship applicants should be citizens from the Sister Cities with foreign nationalities, friendly to China and in good shape.
2. Scholarship applicants should abide by the laws and regulations of the Chinese governments, have good performance,to meet the admission requirements of the school that he or she has applied for.
3. Students who apply for a diploma or a bachelor’s degree should have a certificate that is equivalent to the certificate graduating from high schools in China; students who apply for the master’s degree should have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent; students who apply for a doctorate should have a master’s degree or equivalent.
4. Scholarship applicants who participate a no less than three months non-degree program in higher education institutions.
5. Scholarship applicants should have the right attitude to study, without breaking school rules and disciplines and having good academic performance.
6. International students who have been awarded the Sichuan Provincial government scholarship for international students are not allowed to apply for the Scholarship.

Application Date
In a general sense, applicants should submit applications a smester before your registration.

Application Documents
1. Photocopy of passport
2. Application form for Chengdu Government Scholarship
3. If the applicants are Chengdu university students, they should also provide the enrollment notification with seal  
4. Others materials required by respective university

Scholarship Approval
1. All the higher education institutions should conduct initial evaluation on the applicants, publishing their names who pass the initial evaluation and submitting the initial results to Chengdu Education Center for International Exchange and Chengdu Foreign Affairs Service Center respectively for re-checking.
2. Chengdu Education Bureau presents all the materials that have been re-checked and collected to the evaluation team, which conducts the final review on the initial and re-checked results, publishing the award list on the official websites of Chengdu Education Bureau and Chengdu Foreign Affairs Office respectively.
3. All the higher education institutions are in charge of granting the scholarship to the prize winning students and issuing the award certificates that are printed by Chengdu Education Bureau and Chengdu Foreign Affairs Office.


List of Sister Cities of Chengdu


Bangalore(India)    Chiang Mai(Thailand)   Gimcheon(Korea)    Haifa (Israel)  Kofu(Japan)   Medan(Indonesia)  


Bonn (Germany)     Dalarna(Sweden)     Horsens (Denmark)  Ljubljana(Slovenia)    Maastricht (Holland)     Mechelen(Belgium)    Province of Flemish Brab-ant(Belgium)     Montpelier(France)    Palermo(Italy)  Volgograd (Russia)    Sheffield (UK)    Linz(The Republic of Austria)


Honolulu(USA)     Phoenix(USA)    Winnipeg(Canada)  




List of The friendly cooperative relations city of Chengdu


Nairobi (Kenya)      Kigali (Rwanda)  Luanda (Angola)   Johannesburg(South Africa)


Baku( Azerbaijan)   Batan(Nepal)    Mueang Ubon Ratchathani (Thailand)


Saint Petersburg(Russia)    Šiauliai (Lithuania)   Salford (UK)    Trikala (Greece)  Berlin(Germany)   Monchengladbach (Germany)   County of Fingal (Ireland)   Copiapó(Chile)   Lódź (Poland)

North America

Edmonton (Canada)     Gatineau(Canada)    Atlanta(USA)    Knoxville(USA)    Hollywood (USA)    Monterey Park(USA)  Houston (USA)      Zapopan(Mexico)    

South America
La Plata (Argentina)    Recife (Brasil)       Itaipu (Brasil)   Campinas (Brasil)

Adelaide (Australia)     Sydney (Australia)      Waikato (New Zealand)     HamiltonNew Zealand