About Application Form

Q: About the “Guarantor charging your case in China”

A: If a student is older than 18 years old, he can fill in a contact of one of his friends or relatives in China or a contact of his parents abroad. Universities only need a contact in emergency, and the contact person is not necessarily living in China.


Q: Information for Referers
A: GreatChina could be students’ referrer.


Q: About source of funding.

A: If a student is self-support or supported by his parents, then he should choose self-support. If a student is a scholarship winner, please clarify the scholarship.

Q: Mailing address and study plan.
A: Mailing address and study plan is very important information which needs applicants to pay much attention to. Universities post the admission letter and JW202 form to the mailing address the applicants filled in.
(Please note the duration of schooling in China. The spring semesters start from the end of February or early March lasting to end of June. The autumn semesters start from the early of September lasting to early of January. Universities make JW202 and admission notice letters according to your study plan.)