Judy N. Kwan
Last updated:2015-05-18
Nationality:American Position:Subject Teacher

Education Background:


Teflexpress, 40 Hours, January2014

Global Leadership College, 160 Hours, December2014

California State University Los Angeles, California,USA

Business Administration ‐ International Business, Bachelor ofScience

Business Administration ‐ Marketing,Minor

      Touring or on business trip in China is one thing, but actually working and livingin Chengdu, one of the fastest growing city in China, is an experience that one will notforget.

        I am transitioning my career into the educational field and found an opportunity tolive and teach in China for one semester. I took the opportunity, which I thought would only be one semester, but instead I have been in Chengdu since October 2013. I have been teaching in No.7 Wanda High School, International Education Center in Jinniu district, for almost two years. I have taught American Culture, Current Events and Business Studies to the 10th, 11th and 12th grades. I am also a guidance counselor for the seniors. Every semester has been one challenge after another because I pushed myself and strive to ensure all students learned something useful and practical; informed students what to expect and to be aware of, when they travel aboard to America for higher education, whose culture is very different than their own.

       I enjoyed teaching the students at No. 7 Wanda High School, International Education Center. My first year at the center, I taught the so called by every staff “the most challenged” group of students, which are grade 11th and 12th. Well, I would not call them“challenged students” but rather “difficult students” to teach. Compare to the 11th graders back home in the United States, these kids are much easier to handle. This year I taught Business Studies to both 10th and 11th grades. I have three different levels students of grade 10th all in one class and it is really a challenge to teach. But these students are so eager to learn that makes all the challenges went away. I must say the grade 10th students are such a joy to teach.

       The staff and teachers in the center are wonderful and great to work with. The people like Rosemary Luo, Phil Xu, Fiona Mo, Vera Li, Sydney Zhou and many others are such hard working people. The most important is, they dedicated themselves to the students’education, their growth and well being. I have to mention our previous Academic Director, Mark Kurban, who have improved and implemented many aspects for the center which makes the center what it is today. Also thanks to Hermione Zhang for doing a great job of continuing to follow some of Mark’s legacy trying to improve the center and making it a harmony work place for all.

        During my time in Chengdu, I have traveled to Kangding, Danba, Tagong, Seda(Serthar) and Ganzi which is located in the northwest of Sichuan, which consist mostly Tibetan. Ivisited the Seda Monastery (色达佛学院) and Larung Gar Buddhist Academy (喇荣五明佛学院) in Seda and witnessed a sky burial. Now, that is an experience you should do while in Chengdu and Iguarantee, you will never forget it!

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