Charlie Dixon
Last updated:2015-05-06
Nationality´╝ÜBritish Position´╝ÜEnglish Teacher

Education Background:

University of Chichester Groby Community College

My experience working in China has truly been amazing, to the point that I extended my contract for a further 6 months.

Working in Chinese state schools really gives you an insight into Chinese culture and the education system. All my students from grade 1-6 show great enthusiasm and excitement for learning a foreign language.

My days are filled with hyper children shouting my name just to say hello. Seeing the students progress so far is also very rewarding and I wouldn't change my experience for the world.

The True China staff have been great and offer you support whenever you need it, if at all!

We are also very lucky at being in such an amazing city, which is constantly developing but can always find true Chinese traditions. I have also enjoyed travelling around parts of Sichuan a truly beautiful province.

I have taken a great interest in learning the language, which Ididn't expect so even more reason to return to this amazing country!

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