Academic Director

Work location:Chengdu

Job Responsibilities:

1.Management:The director will be responsible for managing all aspects of academics, including but not limited to the following:

Designing and implementing the curriculum for our international school (grade 1-12). This includes determining which courses are offered and which textbooks/teaching materials should be used. The director will also research and develop international courses for different subjects based on the needs of school. Subjects include but are not limited to English, Writing, Liberal Arts, Mathematics, and Sciences.

Management of all foreign teachers, including observation, evaluation, and training.

  Management of student placement as well as school attendance.

  Coordinating and facilitating communication between teachers and class supervisors in areas that affect academics and individual student performance and attendance.


2.Teaching:Teach 1-2 subjects based on the needs of school and his or her own background knowledge. Class levels include basic,academic improvement and Advanced Placement courses. As a teacher, they musthave detailed lesson plans ready in writing before class,grade students’ homework and assess students’ work and exams.The lesson plans must provide enough details that someone else could teach the class if necessary.


3.Marketing Support:Participate in company and school’smarketing activities and events to fully support student recruitment, such as conducting interviews with students, and consulting with students about study abroad options.The director shall also deliver presentations or lectures sharing insights on American culture, college application, and other topics when necessary.


4.Collaboration:The director is expected to help facilitate mutual cooperation and communication with U.S. colleges and international education institutions.


5.Other Duties:Any other reasonable duties as agreed upon by the director and upper management.


Job Requirements:

Possess at least a bachelor’s degree and accredited teaching certifications.

Have 5+ years of teaching experience in China or abroad, and 2+ years of director management experience.

Have ample knowledge of international education and curriculum.

Work with strong ethics, excellent organization and interpersonal skills, and ability to adapt to Chinese cultures.

Have a strong passion for and commitment to international education.