Visa Information

Please note that the visa information below is for your reference, once you are in China, a True China employee will help you with every step of the process.

1. What’s the requirement for applying for a work visa?

In order to receive a work visa, the applicant must have at least 2 years of related working experience.


2. What’s the work visa application process?

True China will apply and provide you the working permit and invitation letter, which are documents you need to apply for a Z visa to enter China. Upon your arrival, we will help you to apply for a foreign expert certificate and residence permit within 1 month of your arrival.


3. What documents will I need to provide the Chinese Embassy in order to apply for a work visa?

The part of the application will be completed after you are in China. You will need to bring your original passport, original degree certificate, health check reporta specific hospital that is assigned by the Chinese embassy., no-crime record commitment and passport size photos. At the same time, your resume, contract, your police registration form should also be handed to the True China staff in order to help you complete the application.


4. How long would the work visa process take after arriving China?

Once you signed the contract with us, we can start applying for your working permit, which would take 5 working days of the online application and 15 working days after documents submission. After the working permit is complete, the invitation letter would take around 3 days. Then you will have everything from us that you need to apply for a Z visa in your own country.

Upon your arrival in China, the foreign expert certificate would take 5 working days of online application plus 5 working days after documents submission. After foreign expert certificate is obtained, we can apply for a residence permit which will take 15 working days to process. However, you only need to apply and submit documents for residence permit within 1 month, regardless of the date that the passport’s ready for pickup.


5. How much would the work visa application process cost abroad?

It varies in different countries, for example, application for US citizens is US$140. 


6. Is there any other cost during the application process?

The health check cost 446RMB in Chengdu. The residence permit costs 400RMB each time. These expenses will be covered by GreatChina.


7. How long is the residence permit duration?

Residence permit’s duration accords with that of your foreign expert certificate, which should be the same with your contract duration with GreatChina.


8. What do I need to do upon arrival in China?

You need to register in the nearest police station within 7 days from your entry date in China. A GreatChina employee with assist you with this process.


9. What documents do I need to register at the police station?

You need to provide your original passport (also copies ofInformation page on a passport which is the first page that’s with your name, picture and birth date, nationality, your overall identity and entry stamp page), your lease contract (if your apartment is rented), and landlord’s ID copy. True China staff will assist you with the process.


10. In which occasion would I need to update my police registration?

You need to do an update once you have renewed or extended your visa. Also if you change apartments, you then need to do a new registration at the nearest police station.


11. Do I have to apply for a visa outside of China again if I ended the contract with a former employer and work with GreatChina now?

As long as your residence permit is still within the effective period, you don’t need to exit China to apply.


12. What do I need from the former employer if I’m already holding a work visa?

We will need the ORIGINAL recommendation letter, release letter and cancellation letter of your current foreign expert certificate.